NASCAR Sound Mixer

NASCAR /Motorsports Sound Mixer

Please get in contact with me if you plan on doing a NASCAR racing or motorsports reality show or TV program. I have the experience to get you the best audio possible.

Whether you are doing an at-the-track production or a sponsor documentary production with a NASCAR driver, I can assist in getting great audio working with the special situations of track noise and race car driver personalities.


My experience with doing NASCAR auto racing and motorsports productions includes:

NASCAR in Primetime / ABC NEWS, Aired August 2007
Documentary series that goes behind the scenes of NASCAR racing, following the trials and tribulations of the drivers. For six months, cameras followed the lives of top drivers.

NASCAR in Primetime is the first time that NASCAR has given any news organization uncensored access to its inner workings. ABC News spent six months following drivers, fans and officials, documenting everything that happened on and off the racetrack. Our cameras saw people and places that NASCAR has never before allowed to be filmed for TV. For the first time, viewers will get an inside look at the real world of NASCAR.

NASCAR on Fox / FOX, 2006
I was on the ENG crew to produce the NASCAR driver features for both the pre-race show and race broadcast on FOX. A cameraman and I did track and location interviews and b-roll to be edited into sports features.

NASCAR DRIVERS 360 / FX/Mess Media, Season I & II
During the three months of documentary reality show style location production both on racetracks and at the homes of NASCAR drivers, I recorded audio using a PSC mixer and Lectrosonic wireless mics in on-the-run scenarios.