me_cutoutNorth Carolina location sound mixer / audio recordist

Recent News

Where in the World is Turkmenistan?

I just returned home from 2.5 weeks in Turkmenistan.  Yeah, I had to look up where was too.  Near Iran and to the south of Uzbekistan.  Headed out into the Karakum Desert to a flaming crater for a show that ...

Secret production up in O Canada

Headed up north to Toronto, Canada for a back story shoot for an upcoming exciting international trip!  I had 5 talent on wireless and multiple RED cameras so I used the Sound Devices 664 mixer/recorder.  We were working around a ...

CMC awards shoot

I had the chance to work with NASCAR driver Danica Patrick and country legend Trace Adkins on some promos for the 2013 American Country Awards.

Nat Geo pilot show

I went down to Alabama for a week to work on a pilot episode for a new National Geographic Channel science show.  We had a great host, multiple high speed cameras and great content.  I learned some new things about ...